Monday, December 6, 2021

Time together and time apart

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Gone for a minute now we’re back with the jump off! πŸ˜‰ Closing out this months vacation TOGETHER! I vacation once a month because it’s self care for me, but Dre could care less. And that’s why I love him! He doesn’t restrict me to vacationing or doing the things I love with just him. He knows just how much I need a good vacation for my own mental health. He doesn’t require my dependence on him to have fun! Having a partner who gets this is an absolute blessing! Allow your partner the ability to live and enjoy life independent of you, but also plan time to enjoy life with one another as well! I always tell Dre that if I leave this world before him I pray he doesn’t drown in sorrow, but my wish is that he goes and finds love, again! Because with a heart like his, he deserves to always be happy and always feel loved. Love you and thank you Mr. BπŸ₯° 

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