Monday, December 13, 2021

Fashion is a Universal Language


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This post is not to brag or boast. I promise I have a point. No exaggeration, almost every woman at the resort walked up to me whether it was at dinner or at the pool/beach to compliment my attire. My first question after saying thank you to each of them was, "Where are you from"? I met women from all across the US to Romania and Ukraine. I shared with each of them websites and links to stores in their hometowns where they can shop similar looks! What I learned is that fashion is a universal language. It brings women and men alike together in unity to celebrate its beauty! I’ve worn each of these outfits more than once but what changed is things like my hair and the scenery. Women who don’t believe in wearing an outfit more than once will always be poor! Hear me and hear me good! The rich don’t stay rich by buying clothes and shoes every day. The rich also never “look” rich to the naked eye! But anyway, the best part was the fact that my husband basked in it all! He loves when people compliment me and He doesn’t restrict my wardrobe! My mom didn’t raise me to conceal my cleavage and in fact, when I attempted to she sat me down to explain the importance of embracing it! I show my skin in my looks because it adds to the look! I am and will never be a quiet girl, so why be quiet in my choice of clothing? I love that Dre takes all my pics, kneels to catch the right angle, and coaches me through my poses! This man is my biggest cheerleader and I thank God that my husband is not a jealous man. He is confident and at the end of the day HE TRUSTS ME! I dress up, put on makeup, and look good to FEEL GOOD! Fashion is my happy place! I hope you all find and embrace all the things in life that make you happy one day! 🌻

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