Sunday, August 15, 2021


Through sickness and in health….what an Anniversary! Just as we did last year, we had plans for a beautiful vacation to celebrate our Anniversary. Then, the Delta Variant. It hit like a ton of bricks! I was COVID POSITIVE. Now what I’m going to share will be new for everyone, including my family. 

I cried like a baby when I got the result. It wasn’t because I had it, it wasn’t because I couldn’t attend this vacation, and it wasn’t because of everything else I’d be missing. It was because I was ok with dying but what I wasn’t ok with is being the cause of anyone else dying. I had just seen my mom the day before and my nephew the day before that. No way in hell I’d be able to live if something were to happen to those 2. 

But God…this vaccination is truly my saving GRACE. What could have been a death sentence and every symptom/hospital admission that comes with it is merely feeling like a bad sinus infection. Through my encouragement and documentation of my vaccination journey my mom, my husband and my nephew are fully vaccinated and doing well. I don’t take credit for Gods work, He used me as a vessel…this is HIS MERCY. HIS GOODNESS & MERCY!

I’m on the road to recovery and this short clip depicts my marriage to the fullest. This man will not leave my side. I’ve been needy, a b!tch, a brat, and delusional all in one but he loves me anyhow. 

Tomorrow as we celebrate our 10 year Anniversary (2 year wedding), I am reminded of why we’ve chosen each other over and over again and why everyday we make an intentional effort to keep choosing each other! I love you baby like I’ve never loved before, every new day! 😘

P.S. Wear your mask. Not for yourself but for everyone else. We have to start playing defense with this virus. ❤ You can also schedule your free flu shot or vaccination shot HERE.

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Our Story

 D’Andre and Briana met on the block their parents stayed on, Maplewood. Briana crushed on Bubba, D’Andre’s family name, the moment he moved back from the Navy. Their first date was at Briana’s favorite chicken spot, Hooters! Bubba went with Briana in celebration for her and a friends birthday. They went on to date for an entire year before making things “official”. On August 17, 2011, Briana called Bubba and said, “Ok, what are we doing? Cause I’m not trying to be single forever.” Bubba responded, “I guess we’re in a relationship.” Briana responded, “Ok, today is our “official” Anniversary. So don’t forget it.” Needless to say, he NEVER forgot it. From that day, Bubba has been the best man Briana has ever encountered. Life for them ain’t been no crystal stair. For the past 7 years both Bubba and Briana grew up together. Both establishing themselves as individuals and then as companions. One thing they both understood is when the road gets hard, go straight to God. D’Andre and Briana have never been the “holiest” couple per say, but they are well aware of their Source. They know and believe that life for them would not be what it is today without God. Over the course of their relationship Briana had always said she wanted a huge proposal in front of all of her family and friends. D’Andre doesn’t like crowds or being in the spotlight. This is a trait that Briana admires about him. The couple had come to find so much peace in their relationship the more they kept things to themselves. Well, on May 14, 2018, D’Andre asked Briana to marry him. They were doing their vacation ritual, their final beach walk. Every year they went on vacation and the destination had to have a beach. On the final day/night before returning home D’Andre and Briana would walk the beach and reflect on the vacation, things they got out of it, how every year was better than the last, and lastly carve their names in the sand. As they do, they began to walk the beach of Punta Cana, DR hand in hand. Both reflecting on the vacation. Briana made D’Andre take at least 20 pics of her and still never got the shot she liked. They continued down further and D’Andre began to say, “This has been our best vacation so far.” Briana agreed and said, “We literally always say that.” D’Andre responded saying, “And this will be the most memorable one too.” He turned Briana around as he got on one knee and said, “Baby, you know I love you and you know how we rockin’. There’s no need for a long speech, Will you marry me?” Briana balled like a freaking baby. Crying like she just got a whooping and through all that she peeped that ring, looked D’Andre in his eyes and said “yeassssss” lol. They couldn’t wait to get back to their room to tell all of their family and friends. The excitement was so real that they forgot to carve their names in the sand, even after going back to the beach again just to do it. Briana is a strong believer in the number 7, Gods number, the number of Devine Completion. D’Andre couldn’t have picked a better year, their 7th year, to make them complete. The two decided their wedding day would be their 8th year Anniversary and they pray they see 70 plus years together 🖤

Monday, August 2, 2021

Take your money and buy the neighborhood


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I told him, "Please don't die over the neighborhood that your mama renting

Take your money and buy the neighborhood
That's how you rinse it"😏
He told me, “And I could've bought the Rolls last year but instead, I bought a four-flat”😈
S/O to the dopest realtor Patrick P. Teague The Realtor of Park Place Realty Group LLC ! I was skeptical about the market right now but this here was smoother than a baby’s bottom. For my husband to experience his first home buying process this way is truly a blessing!
So proud of my husband 🥰 He is literally breaking generational curses and creating generational wealth at the same damn time ❤️ When I said he’s straight with or without me….I meant that‼️
Last year on July 28th I accepted a job offer for my current role and couldn’t have been happier! This year on July 28th we closed on building #2 and it’s a blessing! God whatever you do, don’t take your hands off of us🙌🏾 We are because You Are! Big thanks to the man upstairs 🙏🏾
We gone call this one “Baby Deuce” 🖤✌🏾