Monday, May 24, 2021

Prayed for 1, Blessed with 2!


Fun Fact: Dre is a twin. A fraternal twin. The man has a whole twin sister and for some reason he always leaves this fun fact out of conversations. Anyway, the topic of us having a baby has been on the rise, and we have been having a lot more conversations with our friends and family about it.
Ultimately, we don’t want kids right now. Dre has a son and we are totally satisfied with that. Our conversations boil down to this: We have had several conversations about our expectations of each other as parents and we just don’t meet each other’s expectations. Because of this, we’ve simply determined that it’s not in our best interest nor the best interest of our marriage to birth life. However, we do believe it’s the greatest blessing and encourage others to do so if they wish, but also, have this conversation! Know your partners expectations and be honest about whether or not you can meet them. Nothing is worse than going into something as big as having a baby not knowing the needs and expectations of your partner. That’s your Ace! You have to be on one accord and false expectations is what leads us off course.
P.S. This is our current disposition. We also gave ourselves 5 years from our wedding date for consideration. We discuss this annually, 2021 Dre & Bri may be different in 2024, we will see 🥰

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