Monday, December 20, 2021

Pillars of Black Love


While attending premarital counseling our Pastor asked us to write a mission statement for our marriage. Neither of us knew where to start. However, once the ink from the pen hit the paper I just couldn’t stop writing! It literally felt like God placed His hand over mine and traced these words for us……..

We, D’Andre and Briana, commit to serve the Lord in our marriage by our display of faith, love, family and commitment to one another.

We commit to attending church together twice a month to fellowship in the house of the Lord. We will set aside one hour a week to talk about our goals and our future together. Lastly, we will set aside 1 day a week for date night.

In order to bridge our communication gaps, we will set aside ten minutes out of every day just to listen to each others feelings or needs. We will honor Christ in how we speak to each other, even and especially in times of conflict. We will seek to build each other up and not use words to tear each other down. We will listen to learn of each other’s feelings, not listen to win an argument. (1 Corinthians 13)

We understand that God gave us different roles to play in our marriage, and each of our individual strengths serve to create a strong marriage. D’Andre brings leadership, protection, sacrifice, and provision. Briana brings intelligence, influence, humility, and humor. The Lord is the third strand in this marriage, and He is our head, our strength, and our redeemer. Together, with the Lord we are powerful, wise and merciful.

As we walk this life together, we hope to be pillars of black love and strength to our family, friends and community.

With grace and love and faith we desire to create a marriage that glorifies the Lord.

I just have to repeat my favorite part, "As we walk this life together, we hope to be pillars of black love and strength to our family, friends and community". Because listen! I know there is a need in the black community to have visual images of black love. I know there is a need in black households to have examples of healthy black families. Most importantly, I know there is a need in the black community for LOVE! I spent this year being vulnerable to an audience of people who may not even care, but I do and I know what our communities need. I don’t care who gets bothered by our show of love or who thinks I’m “doing too much”. Truth is….I feel obligated to! We are on assignment to be PILLARS of BLACK LOVE and I’m going to keep giving it to you! 


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Monday, December 13, 2021

Fashion is a Universal Language


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This post is not to brag or boast. I promise I have a point. No exaggeration, almost every woman at the resort walked up to me whether it was at dinner or at the pool/beach to compliment my attire. My first question after saying thank you to each of them was, "Where are you from"? I met women from all across the US to Romania and Ukraine. I shared with each of them websites and links to stores in their hometowns where they can shop similar looks! What I learned is that fashion is a universal language. It brings women and men alike together in unity to celebrate its beauty! I’ve worn each of these outfits more than once but what changed is things like my hair and the scenery. Women who don’t believe in wearing an outfit more than once will always be poor! Hear me and hear me good! The rich don’t stay rich by buying clothes and shoes every day. The rich also never “look” rich to the naked eye! But anyway, the best part was the fact that my husband basked in it all! He loves when people compliment me and He doesn’t restrict my wardrobe! My mom didn’t raise me to conceal my cleavage and in fact, when I attempted to she sat me down to explain the importance of embracing it! I show my skin in my looks because it adds to the look! I am and will never be a quiet girl, so why be quiet in my choice of clothing? I love that Dre takes all my pics, kneels to catch the right angle, and coaches me through my poses! This man is my biggest cheerleader and I thank God that my husband is not a jealous man. He is confident and at the end of the day HE TRUSTS ME! I dress up, put on makeup, and look good to FEEL GOOD! Fashion is my happy place! I hope you all find and embrace all the things in life that make you happy one day! 🌻

Monday, December 6, 2021

Time together and time apart

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Gone for a minute now we’re back with the jump off! 😉 Closing out this months vacation TOGETHER! I vacation once a month because it’s self care for me, but Dre could care less. And that’s why I love him! He doesn’t restrict me to vacationing or doing the things I love with just him. He knows just how much I need a good vacation for my own mental health. He doesn’t require my dependence on him to have fun! Having a partner who gets this is an absolute blessing! Allow your partner the ability to live and enjoy life independent of you, but also plan time to enjoy life with one another as well! I always tell Dre that if I leave this world before him I pray he doesn’t drown in sorrow, but my wish is that he goes and finds love, again! Because with a heart like his, he deserves to always be happy and always feel loved. Love you and thank you Mr. B🥰 

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