Monday, June 14, 2021

By his side.....

I watched a video of a man explaining that when you submit to a man you play the background. The woman responded saying no, I stand beside my man. Then he asked, if an intruder enters your home, where will you stand? Still on the side? Now everyone knows I’m independent as ever! I’ve always struggled with this concept, but mainly because I’ve never dated anyone that I was willing to submit to until I met Dre (well maybe after 5 years, cause Lord knows). Anyway, I proudly stand behind my man. It’s an honor! I proudly submit to him. It’s an honor! Baby just know, if an intruder comes you secure the front and I’ll secure the back cause together we going to war

🤞🏾🖤🥰 #blacklove #blacklovematters #blacklovedoc #blackloveisreal